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Digital/Compaq/HP AlphaServer DS10, DS20, ES40, GS80, GS160, GS320 - Memory Dimms 54-24941-FA, 54-24941-BA, 54-24941-HA, 54-24941-EA, 54-24941-AA, and 54-24941-JA; What Can They Be Mixed With In an Array/Bank?


Each individual memory array (also known as. bank) on all AlphaServer must be populated with like-sized dimms which also use the same DRAM organization technology, that is, stacked or unstacked. Different DIMM sizes and stacking technologies can typically be used within the same system but never within the same array.

For the system types in the title of this article, 54-class part-numbered dimms will sometimes be mixed in with the typical, 20-class part-numbered dimms in an array. Depending on the specific mix, this may be ok but it can cause confusion and is not documented well. The above rule must be adhered to.


In the following list, each row (across) indicates the DIMMs that can co-exist in the same array, the capacity and the DRAM organization:

20-01CSA-08 - 54-24941-EA - 54-24941-AA - 128MB - Unstacked
20-00DSA-08 - 54-24941-FA - 54-24941-BA - 256MB - Stacked
20-01DSA-08 - 54-24941-HA - 256MB - Unstacked
20-00ESA-08 - 54-24941-JA - 512MB - Stacked

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