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HPE Intelligent Power Distribution Units - Overview

Product description

HPE Intelligent PDU provides monitoring of power consumption at the core, load segment, stick, and outlet level with unmatched precision and accuracy. Remote management is built in and even provides power cycle ability of individual outlets on the Intelligent Extension Bars.


Product features

Key features
4.9k VA to 22k VA modular PDU core units
  • Unique modular design architecture

  • Up to 2 iPDU cores can be connected serially to work off of the same IP address or local display

  • Small form factor with flexible mounting options

  • 6 and 12 IEC C19 outlet models

  • IEC C19 outlets accept optional iPDU Extension Bars or direct IEC C20 cable connections for HP BladeSystems Enclosures

  • Automatic 100mS per outlet start delay on Intelligent Extension Bar

  • User configurable restart delay by Intelligent Extension Bar outlet from 0-999 seconds

  • Secure Web Browser user interface.

  • Individual outlet control and monitoring on Intelligent Extension Bars

  • Individual outlet monitoring on iPDU core.

  • Easy installation

  • Consolidated cord management and retention

  • Easily accessible outlets

  • All outlets can be used with either Power Discovery Services (PDS) enabled power cables or standard IEC jumper cables. Power Discovery Services requires PDS enabled power cables and Common Slot Platinum or Platinum Plus Power Supplies with PLC connectors on ProLiant DL servers or BLc Single Phase Intelligent Power Module equipped HP BladeSystem c7000 Platinum Enclosures.

PDU Core Unit
  • Each iPDU Core Unit incorporates an embedded web engine for remote monitoring and control and includes the LED display unit for local monitoring of current at the rack.

  • Core units can be mounted in zero U configurations in HP 10000 series racks or in 1U configurations in any industry standard rack.

  • Core units are available in a variety of single phase or three phase inputs to match any application.

  • Each core unit has individually monitored IEC C19 outlets that are individually protected by high quality commercial grade breakers.

  • Each IEC C19 on the HP Intelligent PDU incorporates out-of-band Power Line Communications (PLC) technology to communicate with either the Standard Extension Bars or the Intelligent Extension bars.

  • The iPDU extension bars can be plugged into the Core Unit, and can be mounted directly to the rack frame, spanning the entire length of the rack.

LED monitoring display
  • Each Intelligent PDU Core Unit includes a LED Display for local monitoring of power consumption at the rack.

  • LED displays are mountable on the inside rear door of the rack.

  • LED displays have an external alert indicator that is visible from the rear of the rack with doors closed.

  • LED displays show power draw (amperage) at the iPDU and can scroll through individual C19 outlet (load segments), and individual C13 outlets on the Intelligent Extension Bars.

Load capacity (VA)
4992 (min)
22000 (max)
Frequency (Hertz)
50/60 Hz
Output connections on iPDU core
6 IEC 320 C-19
Output circuit breakers
PDU extension bars
  • Each extension bar has five IEC C13 outlets for connection to external equipment.

  • Extension bars have power indicators and UID LEDs

Ideal for use with the HP 9000, 10000, and 10000 G2 Series Racks. The Intelligent PDUs are largely designed for the dense rack environment. These Modular PDUs connect directly to the facility input power.


Link to driver, firmware, software and manuals

Click here to access the updated driver, firmware, software and manuals .


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